Explore Missoula

From every neighborhood, the views from the Front Porch may be different, but that Missoula feeling you get remains the same.

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And around these parts, that’s the kind of math that makes sense. Missoula is made up of many different neighborhoods, but all of them together help better define who we are. In our neighborhoods, it’s all about the nuances – the special, one-of-a-kind characters, landmarks, and happenings that allow us to recognize a few city blocks or a couple of winding country roads as home. And in Missoula each distinct neighborhood is part of what defines our city. Neighborhoods here share their resources, ideas, and natural beauty with everyone. Neighbors are open and inviting, practically bursting with pride to tell you about the streets, the parks, and the traditions that epitomize their neck of the woods. But no matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, there will always be that connection back to the greater community. And that’s precisely what exploring Missoula is all about. We’re allowing more people, both Missoula residents and those just checking us out, to find a familiar spot on our many front porches and to get to know our Missoula even better.